Let’s Try That Again.

Superfantastic Plain & Simple plaid flannel in progress

Just don't get too close.

I’m working on Hot Patterns Superfantastic Plain & Simple shirt. I made a muslin out of some old curtains to check fit – just the bodice and one sleeve. It looked pretty good – I only had to move the darts a bit. Then I cut into some luscious flannel that I’ve had in my stash for… a while. (Let’s see, 16 years ago? Yikes! Funny how time flies when you’ve got little ones. Zip! Now the little boys are young men and I have more time to sew for myself. Glad the flannel waited for me.)

Wonky collar right

Wonky collar right

I’m trying to remember over my sewing life if I’ve ever set a proper collar stand and collar on a shirt. I’ve made a few shirts, but I think they’ve all had one-piece collars, or band collars. Anyway, if I’ve done it, it’s lost in memory much longer than 16 years ago, and I’ve forgotten. No time like the present to learn as this is decidedly not okay!

Wonky collar left

Wonky collar left

Thankfully I have David Page Coffin’s Shirtmaking and plenty of videos and sewing resources online to help me! Time to take off the collar and stand and cut a new band – the collar is fine, but I hacked away too much at the band to save it. Stay tuned!


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