Shirt/Tunic Take 1

schoolhouse tunic frontI’m plugging away at a denim vintage jumper, but wanted to sew up something quick and easy this week. I recently bought the Schoolhouse Tunic pattern which was on my wishlist, and decided to go for it. I traced off a size 10/12 which corresponds to my measurements, and cut it out of some lightweight cotton gauze from my stash for a wearable muslin.

tunic backI’m not sure. It seems a bit maternity to me, not the look I was going for. And is that back inverted pleat flattering on anyone? I cut out the shirt length, but then added two inches to the shirt bottom because the proportions looked funny to me – almost exactly half bodice, half skirt.

I’m wondering if it’s a bit too big, as there’s a lot of ease. I wasn’t aware that this ran large, but maybe I should try a size down. I wonder if I should shorten the bodice, or add a button and loop about 3″ up from the bottom of the split.

I was hoping this pattern would be one I would make in lots of different fabrics, but I think it needs some tweaking. I’ve seen so many lovely versions around the web, and while most of them seem to be out of a stiffer, heavier cotton, I don’t think it’s the fabric choice alone that’s the problem here.

Any thoughts? I definitely think I’ll change the single back pleat to two like the front in the next round. Or maybe just eliminate it? Not giving up yet!


5 thoughts on “Shirt/Tunic Take 1

  1. stirandstitch

    i can relate! i feel very maternity in mine, too, but it is so comfy. i ended up sewing the back pleat down in order to eat up some of the unflattering volume back there. i’m making my second one now, and i’ve deleted the back pleat altogether – hopefully it turns out well! i think yours is lovely and looks really good!

  2. Andrea

    I think you did a nice job on your tunic. I’ve made 3 of these in different fabrics and I agree that they have a maternity feel. But like stirandstitch said, they so comfy I wear them anyway. I tweaked the pattern a bit though in the last one I made by lengthening the skirt to almost my knees so I can wear it as a dress with leggings and boots. Then I gathered the skirt instead of pleating it to even out the volume of fabric.

  3. littlepostcards Post author

    Thanks for the comments! I think I’m going to try a couple more versions to see what I like. Deleting/stitching down the back pleat and gathering are both good ideas. I’m also thinking a tiny swayback alteration in the back might help me out from the drooping in the back/popping up in the front effect. I think a dress length version with tights and boots would be great!

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