What’s On My Needles

Lace Ribbon ScarfI picked up a souvenir the last time I was in New York – a hank of Malabrigo Sock yarn from Downtown Yarns. My first playdate with Malabrigo and such a pretty rust color! I decided to make Veronik Avery’s Lace Ribbon Scarf after seeing so many pretty versions around Ravelry. I cast on in late November, and only got a few inches into it before the holidays were in full swing, and the project became one of those things I kept moving around my desk but never getting to.

Some time in the last month or two I rescued the scarf-to-be and have been giving it my (only slightly divided) attention in between sewing projects. When I’m too fried to sew, I find I can still knit. And knitting is the perfect accompaniment to the second round of Downton Abbey viewings I’ve been slowly enjoying, bit by bit.

Lace Ribbon Scarf with lifeline

the handy dandy lifeline

I feel like I’ve been making good progress, but that’s still an awful lot of yardage I have to get through! It’s like I’m knitting with air—I just don’t seem to be making much ground. I guess that’s how it goes with lace. I’m also paranoid of losing my place in the pattern and having to rip all the way back to the beginning. Hence the lifeline you see there – I keep moving it after successfully completing each 24 row repeat, and it’s already saved my neck a few times. The lace pattern is not that difficult, and every other row is exactly the same, but whenever I get too cocky and think I know what I’m doing and can pay less attention, I find I’ve screwed up and have to tink back a bit.

If you go to New York, I highly recommend Downtown Yarns for a visit! Such a sweet little shop in the East Village. This was my first visit there, but I’ll definitely be stopping in again.


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