A Sketch Journal: MMM Day 15 and a Warning

 Me Made May confessions: I shouldn’t have done it. I wasn’t feeling skirt-y or dress-y today with the steady rain, and I didn’t have the brain power to find something else. I reached for an emotional pick for an early morning walk (which I hid under a fleece) and left it on for a few hours afterward until I felt the urge to change, quickly! I wasn’t painting chairs or cleaning gutters—I was working! A little dignity was called for, even if the Skype camera couldn’t catch the crime.

Me Made May Day 15

Just because you spent life energy making it, doesn’t mean it should be worn.

Simplicity 2696– View F in blue cotton gauze

Day 15: Work at home. I made this two years ago, and Hand Embroidered (capitalized so you can understand the Time Invested in such an endeavor) flowers and a design around the exposed facing. On one of its first public outings, I leaned up against a counter in a restroom to wash my hands and got the front wet. I didn’t think too much of it, but to my horror, as it dried the mystery liquid turned out to be bleached-based and ate away at the color on the front of my tunic. 

I don’t have the heart to toss it, but I could certainly wear it gardening or painting or giving the dog a bath—that kind of thing.

Other options I’ve considered and shot down: Altering to a crop top. I am not a crop top gal. Being short-waisted I’m already cropped. Crop tops are not kind to me.

Taking the facing off and making a new blouse: Oh god, no. I think there was much Cursing and Fist-Shaking during the initial endeavor. I need to be honest with myself—the embroidery isn’t that incredible.

Warning! Bleach ruining your clothes

A cautionary tale

But let this be a warning to you: Beware of modern bathroom cleaners! Beware of wet sink counters! I use baking soda and vinegar in my bathroom, personally, but out there in the world there’s a war of disinfection going on. Don’t let it catch your me-mades off guard.


3 thoughts on “A Sketch Journal: MMM Day 15 and a Warning

  1. stirandstitch

    how heartbreaking! i can understand not wanting to part with it as it would have taken ages to do the embroidery. i wonder how it would look if you cut off the bleach stain and added a skirt to make a dress? if it was long enough it wouldn’t look too weird with a seam there. or just tie-dye the whole thing with bleach ;)

    1. littlepostcards Post author

      Oh, I never thought of adding a skirt to it! Maybe even some really long floaty maxi length – hmm… I’ll have to play around with that.

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