What Works For You

I’ve been attempting to track my food for a couple years. A couple years. I keep trying, but haven’t been consistent. I know this is a key component in weight loss, so I really want to give it a good shot. I have learned how to do burpees and run and lift heavy weights over my head, so I’ve been at a loss as to why documenting my food was so hard when I’ve done all these other things I never thought I could do. I have a notebook with charts and lines I keep going back to, and I’ve tried tracking online as well. Bleegh. It’s just a chore online – It feels like my timesheet at work. The notebook is useful, but I don’t feel inspired to use it, and I don’t see the patterns.

I had a great idea a couple weeks ago. I picked up The Artist’s Journal Workshop, and have been flipping through the pages, wanting to do something like that. Why not start by drawing my food? Why not draw the food I ate in one day?
What I ate on June 13June 14June 15June 18

I have been sketching my food intake every day since June 13th. I’m making better choices. I’ve had some days where my choices have not been great, but now I see the patterns. Oh, I need a little protein at 4pm or I go on a CarbFest right before dinner… Did I really eat three pieces of pie in one day? Uh, yeah, I did.

But the best thing of all is, I’m having fun. I feel like an artist. Sometimes I am Hungry Right Now and draw from memory – ha ha. Other times I try to capture the shape of the pear or the details on my sandwich before I take a bite.

June 21When I’m thinking about my next meal, I look to my sketchbook and see what beautiful food I’ve already eaten today, and I decide to make a healthy choice. I choose a color I haven’t eaten yet because I want it on the page.

What I ate on June 23Everyone always says “Find what works for you,” and I’m happy to say I finally did. I hope you enjoy some of the sketches! Find what works for you.


20 thoughts on “What Works For You

  1. cat

    What a great idea! I have been trying to log food and found it boring, boring boring! YOu have made that task fun and inspirational.

    1. littlepostcards Post author

      I hope others give it a try – it’s been an eye-opener and a way to have a little fun throughout the day.

  2. Jane A

    This is a simply brilliant idea! The pages of the journal are absolutely lovely in their own right, and that they are also helpful with mindfulness is an added bonus. Thanks for sharing. Jane

    1. littlepostcards Post author

      The very first day I attempted this I ate four pieces of greasy pizza and had a rootbeer float at one meal. I was too full to finish drawing. Each day gets a little easier. I’m learning a lot – Let me know if you try it!

    1. littlepostcards Post author

      Aw, thank you! Sitting in front of the computer all day, sometimes I feel very removed from that feeling of wanting “to be an artist” I had as a child. Holding a pen or some pencils and a brush for a few minutes each day really taps into that and is so fulfilling.

  3. aafke

    It looks great! I started posting food on my journal when I went somewhere and though “hmm that looks nice” but this is definitively a creative way to keep a watch on your diet! I also tried with an app and notebook.. terrible haha. Good idea!

  4. Andrea

    That is such a great idea and good creative outlet too! I had an app on my phone that worked for awhile, but I got bored with it. Some days I photograph my food with my phone, but I never do anything with the photos so that I can put some sense to my eating habits. This is a good idea though.

  5. liza jane

    This is amazing! I love the comment you made about choosing something in a color you didn’t have on your page. This is so, so cool. You are an artist.

  6. Carolyn

    I love the pages of your journal; you are such a talented artist! Each illustrated day is absolutely beautiful!
    And I like that the process of drawing gives one time to think about what one is eating too :)


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