Corduroy Beignet

Colette Beignet skirt

Beignet side view

Windy day for a photo shoot

I’ve been excited to make this skirt for a while. It’s another lovely pattern from Colette, and I can see myself getting a lot of wear out of it. I had to draft out some of the curviness to fit my frame. I started by tracing a size 6 at the waist tapering to a 4 at the hips, but ended up having to add more to the waist in the front and sides. I traced an 8 at the waist for all seams except the back and side back seams, which stayed at a 6. The muslin fit really well in that area.

I used an old sad curtain to make a muslin, and while I was walking around in it, my husband confided in me that it really didn’t look good at all. I think he thought he was being helpful in that spouse way, like telling someone you love that they have spinach stuck in their teeth because you don’t want them to suffer embarrassment out in the world. I reassured him that the faded curtain iteration was only the practice piece. Silly guy.

I used this tutorial for turning small loops right side out to turn the long tie belt. However magical, I just couldn’t see the corduroy doing that maneuver on the belt loops so I cut them along a selvedge, folded them in thirds and stitched them closed. I also cut the loops 1/4″ longer to allow for the thicker turn of fabric when attaching to the skirt. Another change I made was to move the pockets up by about an inch. They felt too low on the muslin.

I’m very pleased with this make, and will definitely sew another one. I used a soft pinwale corduroy and I love the color. The contrasting lining, also used for the pocket bags, makes me happy. I purchased it on my last trip to New York while wandering around the garment district.

The funny thing is that although the muslin fit perfectly after altering the waist I had a lot of extra overlap on the final skirt when it came time to sew on the buttons. I’m not sure if I was having a ‘fluffy’ day when I made the muslin, if the corduroy had more give, or if I’ve continued to lose some size around my waist. At any rate, the next version I’ll adjust the waist down a bit again. I don’t want so much overlap of the front band that the buttons aren’t centered. I don’t think it’s that noticeable here, but it would be obvious if I used contrasting buttons.

Beignet lining

Contrasting lining. See how far the buttons ended up being from center front? I think I can take the waist back in on the next version.


9 thoughts on “Corduroy Beignet

  1. liza jane

    It looks fantastic! Makes me want to revisit this pattern. I made a version a while back and it totally stretched out of shape (cheap fabric). Love the avocado color.

    1. littlepostcards Post author

      Aw, what a drag to spend time on a piece and not have the fabric stand up – I hate when that happens. That’s actually my biggest fear with sewing with knits. It’s hard for me to tell by the quality on the bolt if they’re going to stretch out of shape or have good recovery. Not a big investment of time on most knit projects, but I hate wasting money!

    1. littlepostcards Post author

      Thanks! It was a pleasant project to work on, and I’m happy with how it turned out. Give it a shot!

  2. Andrea

    That turned out nice. I love the color with the contrasting lining. I’ve been wanting to make that skirt myself but I haven’t found any fabric I like.

    1. littlepostcards Post author

      I want to put contrasting lining in everything, now. :) I hope you find the right fabric – it’s a great pattern!

    1. littlepostcards Post author

      Oh, it’s just my secret little journal ;) There’s lots of ways to have a creative outlet and play with color, isn’t there?


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