Knitting Up Summer and the Kindness of Bloggers

Lontue Macrame Shawl

Originally dubbed the Seaweed Shawl because of the colorway, it will always be the Breaking Bad shawl now.

Way back in January, in the middle of a cold gray stretch of winter, Kaleidoscope Yarns sent out an email with a photo of a summery shawl out of Araucania Lontue, a cotton/linen yarn. I wasn’t the only one to be taken in by such brilliant marketing. When I placed my order for the two skeins required to whip up this warm weather beauty, they had already sold out of my first choice of color. Did I want to wait for their supplier to re-stock? Of course not—I needed to start knitting summer right away. I chose another colorway (their customer service is excellent, by the way!) and cast on during a chilly bit of February. This has been my pick up and put down project for several months. My Breaking Bad project. (DH and I started and watched the whole series during this time period, and my level of suspense during many of the episodes required a knitting project to calm my nerves and distract me during certain intense segments.) It’s an easy two-row pattern.

I have a winter shawl to work on when the last half of BB Season 5 begins next week, the Color Affection

Color Affection Beginning

This week I was surprised to find out I won a giveaway from Swell Sewing! Tracey’s post about feeling sentimental really struck a chord with me as I navigate the empty nest. Check out this awesome package I received in the mail.

giveaway Package

Look at the cool fabric and rick rack wrapping! I can’t wait to make something out of the typewriter fabric and that graphic print.


How cool is that? A sewing machine necklace and an Aneela Hoey journal!


I love this diagrammed sewing machine tea towel!

Thanks so much, Tracey! I appreciate the blogosphere love! If you’ve never been to Swell Sewing, you should definitely go see what she’s been up to. She makes lovely garments and recently finished a fantastic quilt.

Do you have any projects you associate with a certain series or program?


2 thoughts on “Knitting Up Summer and the Kindness of Bloggers

  1. Tracey

    You are SO welcome Lynn! Thanks for the shout out and your scarf is amazing! I am not a knitter, but I can truly appreciate all the work that went into it! The color is awesome!! Enjoy your prizes! So glad I “know” you!


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