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Heatproof, but still Flammable…

Oven Mitt

This is the latest addition to my kitchen! After accidentally causing the demise of my favorite pair of potholders by fire, I needed a replacement. I decided to go oven mitt this time, and used the pattern and instructions from Lotta Jansdotter’s Simple Sewing book, which was a gift from a friend. The fabric for the exterior was a gift from another friend, and it’s lined and cuffed with other bits of fabric from the scrap bin. Lotta’s instructions call for wool batting, but I used the same cotton batting and Insul-Bright batting sandwich that I’ve been using for my potholders. It was a fun and quick project for a rainy afternoon. I liked machine quilting the swirl. Now to just keep it away from open flames…


Stashbusting The Precious With Potholders

Potholders I met a friend for lunch this winter, and she gave me an unexpected present of some fabrics she’d collected over the past year or so, some purchased as souvenirs on her travels around the world. She originally thought she wanted to make a quilt, but decided not to, and thought I could make use of her treasures. This was so generous that I couldn’t bear to let the fabrics sit on a shelf or in a box for very long. I thought I would make some little gifts here and there out of the fabrics throughout the year.

I am a bit humbled by the beauty and specialness of some of the fabrics – there are bits of Marimekko fabrics, prints from Japan, and novelty prints that she was encouraged to buy by her children. It took me nearly five years to finish a quilt for my son, so I don’t think committing to another is the right path for these fabrics, although they certainly are worthy of it. Some of the longer yardages I’ve got slated for blouses and a dress, but the smaller pieces needed a project that could use the fabric to maximum effect. Maybe oven mitts are too utilitarian – I hope my friend isn’t offended by my choice of project. I’m rather of the mindset to use the antique teapot and risk a few chips, then have it sit in a cupboard unloved.

I’m using the Bolt Neighborhood Square Potholder tutorial for these. I’ve made a lovely bright-colored set for my kitchen and have already given a couple other sets away. I’m mixing in some fabrics of my own that are left over from other projects, or that have just been sitting there, waiting for a purpose. This is March’s batch, on hand for hostess gifts, or the holiday gift cupboard.